Breast or bottle: We support new moms

Ellen Byars,
Clinical Nurse I
, Unit 4-3 Mother/Baby

When expectant parents arrive at Durham Regional Hospital to have their baby, they receive excellent labor and delivery, nursery and postpartum care. There are many decisions to make before and after the baby arrives, including how to feed your little one: breast or bottle?

Women's Services at Durham Regional HospitalSome moms mull over this question before the baby arrives; others ask for the support of their care team. In Women’s Services, we are committed to helping moms make the best choice for themselves and their newborn, and we stand behind your family’s choice.

If you are considering breastfeeding your baby, keep in mind that breastfeeding is nutritionally better and offers complete sustenance for your newborn. All our nurses are trained to assist moms with positioning, education and resources to be as successful as possible with breastfeeding.

Earlier this year, Durham Regional was awarded three stars by the North Carolina Maternity Center as a “breastfeeding friendly” hospital. This means our hospital met certain criteria in our promotion of breastfeeding for moms, which ultimately leads to positive outcomes for moms and babies. The Women’s Services team is proud of this distinction. Read more about it at

Coming soon: Answers to the most frequently asked questions about breastfeeding.

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