Durham Regional provides a smoke-free environment

Durham Regional Hospital is committed to providing an environment that ensures the health and well-being of our patients, their loved ones and each other. Earlier this year we celebrated our fifth anniversary of being a tobacco-free campus. All tobacco products are prohibited on Durham Regional property, including parking lots and sidewalks.

To further protect public health and welfare, the Durham County Board of Health has adopted a rule by ordinance of the Durham County Board of Commissioners. This ordinance, which became effective August 1, names a number of public areas in the City and County of Durham where smoking is prohibited. City and county grounds (including athletic fields, bus stops, parks and playgrounds), hospital grounds, public transportation, sidewalks and other public areas are smoke-free under this ordinance.

This means in addition to the Durham Regional campus being tobacco-free, smoking is prohibited on all county property surrouding the hospital, including the City of Medicine Academy, Durham County Stadium and all adjacent sidewalks. Our employees, physicians, patients and visitors may not smoke anywhere on the Durham Regional campus or these adjacent areas. Violators may be subject to a county fine of up to $50 per infraction.

Quitting tobacco is not easy, but there are many ways to find help.

  • Attend Fresh Start, Durham County’s free quit smoking class. For information, call 919-560-7765.
  • Call Quitline NC at 800-QUIT-NOW.
  • Talk with your healthcare provider about quitting, and gain the support of family and friends.

For information about the new ordinance, visit Durham County’s website or call the Durham County Health Department at 919-560-7600.

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