New entrance, fresh perspective, amazing care

Going to the hospital can be stressful for patients and their loved ones. At Durham Regional, we’re committed to giving you peace of mind, so we’ve centered our new Outpatient Services and Preoperative Clinic around you.

If you’ve visited Durham Regional, you probably know the way to the main entrance: park in the visitor’s lot, enter the main lobby and ask the person at the information desk how to find your destination. The process is used by most medical facilities nationwide, but we thought it could be improved for people coming for outpatient and preoperative services, and we found a way to do it.

“Before, whether you were coming in for a mammogram, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) or preoperative screening, you would enter the hospital on the third floor, be directed to the second floor, wait in one waiting area to register, then follow someone to another waiting area to be checked in,” explains Brian Williams, MHA, director of business and operational planning at Durham Regional. “We wanted to develop a process where patients could check in quickly and get the services they came for.”

Find the complete article in Your Health. Published three times a year, Your Health provides health and wellness information and features interviews with Durham Regional Hospital physicians and other medical professionals on a variety of health topics, as well as helpful tips and recipes.

To learn more about Durham Regional’s new Outpatient Services and Preoperative Clinic, visit

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