Stay safe during winter weather

family in snowDurham and the surrounding areas are under a winter storm warning, beginning at 6 pm Thursday until 4 am Friday. According to the local weather forecast, Durham can expect rain and snow this evening, with snow accumulating up to four inches overnight.

Before conditions worsen later today, prepare for the winter weather. Make sure you have

  • Enough water and food for each person and pet in your home
  • Flashlights, a battery-powered radio and extra batteries
  • Medications you regularly take and a first aid kit
  • A fully charged cell phone
  • Warm clothing and blankets

Once you’re ready to weather the storm, keep these tips in mind to stay safe until you and your loved ones can return to work, school and other activities.

  • Listen to the radio or watch the news for weather updates.
  • Avoid driving in freezing rain, sleet and snow as much as possible.
  • Stay indoors, and wear warm clothing to protect yourself from frostbite and hypothermia.
  • Help loved ones and neighbors (such as the elderly who live alone) who may need special assistance.
  • Go to a public shelter if your home loses power or heat.

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