Health highlights from around the Web

If you’re looking for interesting sites or articles for perusal this weekend, take a look at our picks below. Then visit Durham Regional Hospital on Facebook and share your picks with us.

WebMD Allergy Map: Are you sneezing or dealing with watery eyes? Allergy season is here! Check out WebMD for a map that tracks allergy symptoms. Enter your zip code, and the tool shows the severity of allergy symptoms in that area.

Ways to beat stress: Exercise is a great stress-busting activity. Everyday Health suggests walking, yoga and tai chi among other tips for getting active and reducing stress.

Advances in hip replacement surgery: The New York Times and News & Observer recently ran articles about anterior hip replacement. Read our blog post to hear how Durham Regional doctors use this approach to hip replacement.

Planning end-of-life care: It may be uncomfortable to discuss end-of-life care with loved ones or your doctor, but it’s an important step that can help ensure you receive the care you want. As you learn about advance directives (the legal documents that explain your healthcare wishes), consider organ and tissue donation. April is National Donate Life Month—an opportunity to learn more about the gift of life organ and tissue transplants can provide.

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