Study at Durham Regional uses UV light to kill stubborn bacteria

The safety of our patients and their loved ones is a top priority. That’s why Durham Regional is among a small group of hospitals participating in a study exploring whether ultraviolet light is an effective tool for cleaning and disinfection, and its impact on preventing hospital-acquired infections. The UV light machine is used in addition to routine cleaning procedures and tools to help ensure Durham Regional provides the best, safest care for every patient, every time.

Because of its reflective qualities, UV light can “bounce” and reach shadowed areas, beneath stands and sinks and into open cabinets and drawers—surfaces hard to reach during routine cleanings and good places for bacteria to hide. The study focuses on four pathogens that are known to persist in the hospital environment even when cleaning is done well: MRSA, VRE, C. difficile and Acinetobacter.

WCNC, a Charlotte-based news station, recently interviewed Kint Greenhouse, director of Environmental Services, and Vicki Tutor, a member of Durham Regional’s Infection Prevention and Control team, about the technology. Check out their story and video at

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