Durham Regional offers support for stroke survivors and caregivers

Several years ago, Dashia Thorpe suffered a stroke while at home in New York. Dashia went to the hospital and learned the stroke had caused left-side weakness. This limited her to walking with a cane or using a motorized chair to get around, and made her second floor apartment a challenge.

Dashia eventually relocated to Durham, North Carolina, where she found a home that could accommodate her needs as well as a new physician, a new school for her son and a new support group. She attended her first stroke support group at Durham Regional in October 2010.

adult helping senior in hospital“The stroke support group at Durham Regional is an outlet for me,” Dashia explains. “It is nice to be able to share my story and hear from others. It is also a good place to get information about new products and services available for people with needs like mine.”

Today, Dashia continues to attend the group to offer support to her fellow survivors.

Read more of Dashia’s story at durhamregional.org/stroke.

The stroke support group at Durham Regional Hospital offers education, support and resources for individuals who have been affected by stroke. Survivors, family members, caregivers and anyone else interested are welcome. This support group meets the second Monday of each month from 1-2:30 pm. To register, visit durhamregional.org/events.

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