Keep your infant safe in the heat and sun

Ellen Byars
Clinical Nurse II, Unit 4-3 Mother/Baby

Mom and dad with baby outsideEnjoying the great outdoors is without a doubt one of the best parts of summertime. With that said, it’s important to protect your infant from the heat and sun. Infants have thinner, more delicate skin than adults so it’s especially important to take a few steps to keep them safe.

  • Dress your infant in cool, loose-fitting and light-weight clothing. Cotton is the perfect fabric for summer wear. Use a hat to shield his or her face from the sun.
  • Never leave your child in a parked car (even if the windows are open) or in an excessively hot room. Babies overheat more quickly than adults and cannot tolerate even a few minutes of being overheated.
  • Use a baby carrier made of breathable material like nylon. If your child appears flushed while in the carrier, remove him or her child at once.
  • Plan your activities ahead of time. Avoid especially hot and muggy days, and avoid taking your infant outdoors between 10 am and 2 pm when the risk of sun damage is at its peak.
  • Seek shade as often as is practical. Small amounts of SPF sunscreen can be applied to infants under 6 months old and larger amounts can be applied to older babies.
  • Keep your infant well hydrated. Infants will increase their intake during the summer months. Watch for your infant’s feeding cues. Nurse your baby more frequently or, if formula fed, increase his or her intake as instructed by your pediatrician.

Have fun this summer with your little one and stay safe!

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