Take it easy this Labor Day

family1Whether you work “9 to 5,” nights, weekends or another shift, today is your day! According to the United States Department of Labor, this nationwide holiday celebrates the American worker as well as our collective economic and social success.

Just as important, Labor Day also helps promote a healthy work-life balance, as people take time away from work to reflect, relax and reconnect with loved ones. The increased stress we feel due to work can result in cardiovascular disease, a weaker immune system, headaches and exhaustion as well as poor lifestyle choices, such as binge eating, smoking and drinking.

So take it easy today! Reflect on your success this year; relax at home or while on a quick vacation; reconnect with your family, friends and neighbors.

If you’re looking for festive recipes, safety tips for boating or grilling, travel information (airport delays and coastal weather forecasts) and more, check out USA.gov. Their Labor Day website includes links to that information as well as more about the history of Labor Day, labor statistics and job banks.

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