lights-sparkleThe following poem, entitled “Sparkle,” was written by a former Duke Regional patient and sent to staff in Radiation Oncology, which provides radiation therapy for a wide range of cancers.

Living with cancer can be difficult and emotional for patients. Some, including the author of this poem, may be angry when they arrive for their appointment. However, this patient appreciated the exceptional care provided by the Radiation Oncology team and shared the poem below to express her gratitude.

Sparkle is not learned behavior. It can’t be taught.
A valuable commodity, it can’t be bought.
Sparkle is an element that you are born with.
It’s a very special gift.

A passion for caring about others and always with a smile,
As some of us travel that very scary long mile,
We have questions, doubts and so many fears,
Sometimes so overwhelming it brings us to tears.
With comfort, compassion and support from a team that cares,
So many compassionate people is something very rare.

The team that gives us smiles but most of all hope
When things become unbearable they help us to cope.
This is not an easy job day after day,
To watch their patients come and go.
Sometimes they pass away,
But every day they come to work to be there for us.
Some people are pleasant, sometimes they make a fuss,
And if they’re bad like me they may even cuss.

But through it all they do it with a smile.
Caring, supportive, the most dedicated team,
The team of Sparkle, you know what I mean.

Thank you for being who you are.
I couldn’t ask for better care, excellence by far.

I just wanted you to know how you helped me make it through.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
And may God bless you.

If you would like to thank a caregiver at Duke Regional, visit dukeregional.org.

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