Hernias – Repair the Tear

From a slight tweak of pain to an abdominal bulge, a hernia can cause discomfort or may not be painful at all. If you have a hernia in need of repair, Duke Regional Hospital’s highly skilled surgical team offers a minimally invasive approach.

“Hernias never go away on their own, and the longer a person waits, the bigger the hernia usually gets and the more difficult a hernia will be to fix,” explains Chan W. Park, MD, surgeon at Duke Regional and assistant professor of surgery at Duke University School of medicine. “Sometimes people will have absolutely no pain, just a ‘bulge’ that has been there for some time. Hernias are often inadvertently discovered by the patient, so discuss any pain or changes in your abdomen with your primary care physician.”

Continue reading this story on page 6 of Your Health, Duke Regional Hospital’s health publication.

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