Centered Around You

At Duke Regional, we’re committed to giving our patients peace of mind, so we centered our Outpatient Services entrance around you. Visit for a virtual tour.

This entrance offers:

  • A parking lot designated specifically for patients coming to Duke Regional for outpatient procedures or preoperative appointments.
  • A dedicated entrance just steps away from the parking area.
  • One-stop registration right inside the entrance.

View our map for location information

The following outpatient services are offered inside this entrance:

  • Radiology/Imaging including:
  • Pulmonary Function testing and Arterial Blood Gas analysis
  • Graded Exercise testing, Nuclear Stress Testing, Stress Echocardiography, EKG, Holter monitoring, Echocardiography, and TEES (Transesophageal Echocardiography)
  • Neurosensory diagnostic testing
  • Laboratory Services
  • Preoperative Procedures

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