Introducing Duke Regional’s Hip Fracture Program

In June, Duke Regional Hospital created a program to enhance the care of hip fracture patients. The goal of the program is for patients to have surgery 24–48 hours after arriving in the Emergency Department (ED) so recovery can begin quickly.

Our hospital features an orthopaedic trauma surgeon available around the clock and an operating room dedicated to severe musculoskeletal injuries. A key focus of our treatment protocol is ensuring patients experience as little pain and confusion as possible before and after surgery.

“We employ as many modes of pain relief as possible to minimize medications’ side effects and maximize patient comfort,” says William Norcross, MD, anesthesiologist at Duke Regional. “An anesthesiologist meets with patients in the ED to administer a preoperative femoral nerve block to relieve pain, if appropriate. We want to avoid delirium in the elderly, which puts them at risk for falls and hinders their ability to care for themselves.”

Hospitalists oversee each patient’s recovery, which includes rehabilitative therapy that begins the day after surgery. When it’s time to go home, patients leave with knowledge about how to prevent falls and keep their recoveries on track.

Visit to learn more.

Most broken hips are caused by falls. Come back December 24 for a few tips to help prevent falls.

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