Make Preventing Falls a Priority

Aging takes a toll on balance, vision and bone strength, increasing the risk of a fall resulting in a fracture. Most broken hips are caused by falls; for some patients, these injuries limit their ability to live independently.

Avoid falls with these tips:

magazinesClear the way: Remove area rugs, stacks of old magazines, children’s toys, power cords and other objects from the footpaths in your home to prevent tripping and slipping.

lightbulbDo some redecorating: Install more light fixtures or brighter bulbs (but ask a younger friend or family member to climb the ladder), as well as handrails and non-slip mats in the shower or tub.

chairExercise with a purpose: Get active, and incorporate exercises to improve balance into your workout. The National Institutes of Health recommend holding onto the back of a heavy chair, slowly lifting one leg and holding it behind you or to the side for one second. Repeat several times.

Keep an eye on your vision: Stay up to date with your glasses prescription.

If you missed the news about Duke Regional Hospital new Hip Fracture Program, visit our post from December 20, 2013.

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