Happy Doctor’s Day!


National Doctors Day acknowledges how doctors play a key role in our well-being. At Duke Regional, our experts take pride in serving their patients as well as their loved ones. Below are excerpts from a few of the compliments our outstanding physicians have received.

Frank Agatucci, MD, Emergency Department

After years of living in pain, Dr. Agatucci correctly diagnosed my sister’s problem. He spent time with her, talked to her, examined her and showed genuine compassion and concern for her wellbeing. I have never been as impressed with ANY medical professional as I was with Dr. Agatucci.

Andrea Archibald, MD, Hospital Medicine

My husband and I both appreciated Dr. Archibald’s concern, patience and genuine interest in my situation. She went above and beyond what anyone could have expected as she worked to get the tests I needed done.

Alfonso Torquati, MD, Duke Center for Metabolic & Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Torquati’s clinical skills are superb and his ability to communicate with his patients in a manner that is understandable is beyond outstanding!  We are delighted that he was my care provider and appreciate all he has done for me and my family.

Susan Izatt, MD, Special Care Nursery

Our baby had to spend three days in the Special Care Nursery. Dr. Izatt was the attending physician, and she was absolutely wonderful! She did a fantastic job of making sure our baby was taken care of, and we are very grateful to her!

Snehal Patel, MD, Hospital Medicine

Dr Patel is very soft spoken but upon hearing that my grandfather is hard of hearing he got close to his ear and spoke loud and clear. He kept this in mind during all of his interactions with my grandfather. He also got down his knees to get to my grandmother’s level while she was sitting so that he could answer her questions. I truly believe that if more doctors had the manners and kindness of Dr Patel our world would be a better and healthier place. He takes so much of the fear out of this experience.

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