Imaging that’s faster, quieter and more comfortable

At Duke Regional we are constantly making improvements to our facility to ensure we deliver the best and most technologically advanced service for our patients. We recently completed renovations in both our MRI and Nuclear Medicine Departments. Both areas now feature a clean, calm atmosphere through new floors, wall colors and structural changes.

MRI now features a new machine that:

  • Accommodates patients weighing up to 500 pounds
  • Features brighter lighting and a larger opening
  • Offers feet-first imaging for certain procedures to reduce anxiety
  • is quieter, making for a more pleasant experience

Nuclear Medicine now features:

  • New cameras that offer enhanced imaging capabilities and superb image quality using lower doses of radiation when compared to standard Nuclear Medicine protocols
  • Scanning tables that can accommodate patients weighing up to 500 pounds
  • Scans that can be set up faster and use automated transitions so patients can experience quicker procedures

Both MRI and Nuclear Medicine are located within our Outpatient Services entrance, which features a parking lot specifically for patients coming for outpatient procedures or preoperative appointments, a dedicated entrance just steps from the parking lot and one-stop registration right inside the doors.

Physician referral is required for both MRI and Nuclear Medicine exams. To schedule an MRI appointment, call 919-470-5272 and ask for Duke Regional Hospital. To schedule a Nuclear Medicine appointment, call 919-470-5279.

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