Fight Like a Girl: Free Breast Cancer Event

Fight like a girlBy age 30, a woman has a 1 in 227 chance of getting breast cancer. By the time she is 40, her chances increase to 1 in 68.* It’s not too early to learn how to fight like a girl when it comes to your breast health. Join a team of local providers as they discuss risk factors, screening, diagnoses, and treatment options for breast cancer. This free educational event will be held Thursday, September 11 from 7–8 pm in the Main Auditorium at Duke Regional Hospital.

Panel members include:
James Hathorn, MD
Regional Cancer Care

Bridget Koontz, MD
Radiation oncologist
Duke Regional Hospital

Amber Jarvis, MD
Durham Obstetrics and Gynecology

Aimee Mackey, MD
Surgical oncologist
Duke Regional Hospital

Come early. At 6:30 pm, our mammogram experts will share tips for breast self-exams and improving your mammogram experience. To register, click here or call 919-403-4DRH.

*Data provided by the National Cancer Institute.

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