Get Back into Forward Motion!

8491 DRH_ForwardMotion_finalIf you are missing out on the things you love — walking the dog, playing golf, gardening, or playing with the kids— it may be time to consider a knee or hip replacement.

Our Forward Motion program is Joint Commission certified and tailored to your individual needs for a safe and successful recovery. This program includes:

  • A pre-operative education class that offers an overview of what to expect from pre-op testing to discharge after surgery
  • Nurses and therapists who specialize in the care of the orthopaedic patient
  • Many ways to manage your pain
  • A physical therapist to help increase your mobility and build strength
  • An occupational therapist to educate you on protecting the new joint and the use of assistive devices to get dressed and attend to your personal care
  • A discharge planner to ensure a thorough and safe discharge plan
  • Comprehensive discharge instructions

To learn more about our program check out our Resource Center, complete with our patient guide and videos.

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