Duke Rehabilitation Institute Thanksgiving Lunch

Charles Newton Jr. enjoys his Thanksgiving meal among family, friends and fellow patients.

By Betsy Roy, Recreational Therapist

Each year at Thanksgiving, Duke Rehabilitation Institute (DRI) patients join their loved ones and DRI staff for a special event to give thanks, share in friendship and enjoy a delicious meal. This past Tuesday marked the 15th annual Thanksgiving Lunch celebration, with more than 100 people joining in the festivities.

The Thanksgiving lunch is a wonderful opportunity for the DRI staff to treat the patients and their families to a special day during the Thanksgiving holiday, while they are in the hospital recovering from illness and injury.

The therapy gym is transformed into a large dining room, where DRI patients, their families and staff enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and homemade desserts. Therapists, nurses, physicians and leadership work together to create an atmosphere of fellowship, friendship and gratitude, while sharing stories and sentiments of appreciation.

The entertainment is always a highlight of the event, as the units’ medical director, Dr. Raphael Orenstein, physical therapist, Jessie Haury and therapy aide, Bob Mutter, share their musical talents.

Our state-of-the-art 30-bed unit specializes in short term rehabilitation of patients with a wide range of conditions. To learn more, visit dukeregional.org/DRI.

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