Duke Regional Employees Make a Difference in the Community

Stop Hunger Now

Duke Regional employees filled bags with food during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

During the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, a group of Duke Regional employees volunteered by packaging meals for United Way of the Greater Triangle through Stop Hunger Now. Below are thoughts from two employees who volunteered on the benefits of community service.

Rev. Lisa Brown Cole, director of Pastoral Services
It was a true joy to volunteer during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. There were many people from the community and from Duke, of all ages and races, working alongside one another on the Stop Hunger Now project. Our task was to fill bags with either rice or beans and label them, and these would be distributed to people in need in the Durham area. I enjoyed getting to know new friends, seeing so many give their time to help others and to do a very small thing that grows into a huge thing when we work together. It reminded me of a statement Dr. King made: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’” We all can make a difference…one bag at a time… and be a light to others.

Natitia White, BHT/CNAII, Psychiatry
I started volunteering with the Stop Hunger Now meal-packing events in 2010 as a way to get my friends and family involved with helping others while working with people from different backgrounds and walks of life. This year I made a suggestion to the co-chairs of the hospital’s Diversity Committee to get fellow Duke Regional employees to volunteer for this cause on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Several employees along with their family members came out on that day to support this great cause. Community service is a yearlong commitment for me and I hope to share opportunities with my coworkers throughout the year.

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